Using the latest logistic systems of intermodal transportation we offer our customers superior logistic solutions and significantly lower prices than our competitors.

We offer transport of any range:

  • road transport
  • rail transport 
  • sea freight
  • air transport 

Based on your needs and the nature of the transported goods we prepare the safest and the most efficient way. “We appropriately combine the means of transport to ensure shipping without delays.”

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Air transport

  • Just-in-time delivery and reliability

Ocean freight

  • Low-cost carriage by ship

Road transport

  • We provide the most optimal way

Railway transport

  • Secure and fast transport


  • Warehouse and production in Ústí nad Labem

Customer service

  • Cargo insurance and communication

The biggest advantage of air freight is high speed and on-time-delivery: freighters usually fly according to a flight plan and can transport almost all kinds of goods between the continents. Located next to Prague airport is our warehouse in Tuchoměřice, where goods are stored prior to further delivery, for example by air freight. Additional – and highly recommend – services include mediation of transportation insurance policies and customs duty procedures.

Oceans cover a huge part of our planet – and join the continents. Sea freight has always been the most important mode of transportation in international trade.  We consolidate full container loads (fcl) and less container loads (LCL)-transport. From Ústí nad Labem – Předlice, container part loads (LCL) are regularly shipped to Hamburg for further stuffing into containers. Thanks to our solid relationships to ports in Northern Germany (Hamburg, Bremen/Bremerhaven, Cuxhaven) as well as ara-ports,to big container ship-owners, customs authorities, as well as to rail and truck companies which provide the hinterland transportation;we guarantee an efficient processing of your overseas transportation. Additional – and highly recommend – services include mediation of transportation insurance policies and customs duty procedures.

We help you find the most competitive way to ship your goods. You drop off the products, we engage the most suitable trucks to deliver them anywhere: for example trailer trucks, vans or container trucks. According to your individual needs we can manage all kinds of road logistics: examples include dangerous goods (ADR), oversize loads, part- or complete loads, door-to-door-services, heavy weight transports or collecting services. We also offer warehousing solutions, i.e. warehousing, consolidation, pick-and-pack-services, from our modern a-class-3.000m2-warehouse located in Ústí nad Labem – Předlice near German border. From Ústí nad Labem, container part loads (LCL) are regularly shipped to Hamburg for further stuffing into containers.

Our specialty is combining rail-road-transports with special nyylcon container guaranteeing the most flexibility, profitability and sustainability. Furthermore we arrange and coordinate all services in connection with rail transportation, i.e. handling of goods, hinterland transportation, shunting operations, rail wagon hiring and acquisition of spare parts for rail wagons.

Logistic and warehousing are closely related, therefore we provide wide range of warehouse services:

New warehouse in Předlice (Ústí nad Labem)

  • benefits from the close vicinity of highway D8 and Czech/German border
  • perfect connection to the highway
  • warehouse of the highest quality
  • storage Space of 3000 sq., also available for storage in Racks, clear height of 10 m
  • 10 loading Docks and 1 sprinter Gate
  • delivery Time within the Czech Republic 24 Hours
  • delivery Time within Germany 48 Hours
  • assembling, picklock other value added Services

Upon our experience-based knowledge in logistics, there are risk factors that cannot be predicted (fire, hail, earthquakes, etc.). For these reasons, we recommend transport & logistics insurance. Due to long-standing relationships with insurance companies we provide transport & logistics insurance, with premium conditions.

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